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WEBDIRECTOR: Microsoft® Project Integration

For many companies, Microsoft® Project is an important component of project management. Even with the adoption of an enterprise level solution that can address project, program, portfolio, and performance management, many companies will continue to define a role for Microsoft® Project. To help these companies successfully adopt an enterprise-level solution into their business and project management culture, the WebDirector © has an intuitive and industry-leading level of integration with Microsoft® Project.

The WebDirector © acts as a central repository for resource information throughout the company. Team members and roles can be identified for the project in the WebDirector © and then exported to Microsoft® Project. They can then be assigned to tasks with the click of one button integrated into the Microsoft® Project toolbar. This will automatically import all team members and roles identified to date. Any time new team members or roles are added to or deleted from the project, the resources can be updated in the project plan.

The WebDirector © also has a section for deliverable and task management that is linked directly with your Microsoft® Project project plan. Just open the Microsoft® Project project plan created by the WebDirector ©, and begin creating deliverables and tasks, assigning resources, and estimating work. When you are ready to import the tasks into the WebDirector ©, simply click the update button in the Microsoft® Project toolbar. Once tasks are in the WebDirector © database, all team members assigned to the tasks can begin entering time against them. To delete a deliverable or task from the project plan, simply delete it in Microsoft® Project and click on the Task button to update the WebDirector ©.

The WebDirector © is a powerful time management application that allows you to track time for deliverables, issues, risks, and now Microsoft® Project tasks. Users of the WebDirector © will track their time against all open tasks to which they have been assigned. To update actuals in Microsoft® Project , simply open the project plan and click on the new Actuals button in the tool bar at the top of the screen. This will initiate a query in the WebDirector © database for all tasks in the Microsoft® Project project plan to which time has been assigned. The query will return the actual time submitted by all team members for each task and report the time for each team member in the Microsoft® Project project plan.

Along with the new functionality described above, the WebDirector © will continue to produce project summary statistics for your project plan. The WebDirector © database will pull in all task information and summarize it in a report that looks like the report Microsoft® Project creates when you select Project/Project Information/Statistics from the menu bar. The relationship between the WebDirector © and Microsoft® Project , which allows for the flow of information between the two applications, is more easily understood by viewing the relationship in a diagram. Understanding the process of using Microsoft® Project with the WebDirector © makes it more clear how seamlessly the two applications are integrated and how information is exchanged.

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