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We have an existing methodology that we would like to incorporate into a webbased application. Is this possible with the WebDirector ?
We developed the WebDirector as a tool that is almost completely customizable. Every one of our clients has customized our application to some extent. Whether they make minor field adjustments, or ask for integration with other applications, customized process flow maps, or even functionality we haven't developed yet, we have successfully delivered. In fact, most return to us periodically to update and perform additional customizations to keep up with their growing sophistication in portfolio management.

The WebDirector models a process methodology, or lifecycle of a project using our process workflow diagram, which is found on the Projects tab in our application. It follows a project from the proposal stage all the way to closed, with multiple stages of evaluation, including building estimates, client/external approval, active, and satisfaction assessment. Of course the process map is completely customizable as well. Rather than develop an application that espouses a methodology to portfolio management, we developed a tool that allows us to develop an application that can accommodate other methodologies. Our clients often have a well-defined methodology to project and program management. A solution that requires them to abandon that methodology is not going to be successful. They need a tool that can present their methodology in a web-based environment. Furthermore, the tool needs to be SENSIBLE in its design, SIMPLE to use, and SUPPORTABLE to end users and administrators within the company.

What makes WebDirector unique from the competition?
Any good enterprise solution to portfolio management is going to address the typical components of project management, i.e., risks, issues, milestones, resources, change requests, etc. What makes the WebDirector unique can be broken down into four categories:
" Doing business with Interbase
" The Customized Solution
" Unique Features
" Pricing/Deliverables

The Customized Solution
The WebDirector is a 'no compromise' solution that integrates your existing methodology plus all of the best practices you have been reading about but not yet implemented. Most software solutions are selling you a methodology that has been integrated into the software. Customizations are usually limited and ultimately the end user must adopt new practices. As a result, these solutions are not always view favorably by end-users. We do not limit our application to one methodology. We believe this is one of the main reasons for our 100% success rate. The WebDirector can be completely customized. A tool which is the manifestation of your organization's methodology to project management will have a much higher success rate and result in a ROI in the shortest possible time.

Describe the import, export, and linking capabilities of your product. What limitations can be encountered that could inhibit the performance of the product?
Import capabilities: We have several features that allow our customers to pre-populate and configure their systems. First, we have Excel configuration checklists that the client can fill out which become the configuration parameters of the system. Next, we have an Access "data loader" database so we can import existing organizational data. Once this Access database has been populated - we have several automated "macros" that will populate the WebDirector Oracle database right from the Access data tool. Finally, we can import data from any relational data source right into the WebDirector database. Since the code and the database are open, we can and usually do integrate data from other project management and reporting data sources to allow our clients the level of integration they demand.

Export capabilities: The export capabilities of the WebDirector are equally impressive. The WebDirector allows users to build their own web-based reports by simply setting up the criteria they are looking for. users can run their own "what if" analysis, download the information, analyze the data, and email the information without any report writing or data experts. Furthermore, the Access data tool allows for quick export and backup capabilities of the system as well.

Can you describe the product's user environment?
The user environment is 100% web-based. There are no user requirements other than a Y2K compliant computer and web browser. Our simple web interface is the "Yahoo" of project management - allowing for simple operations and very little training to become proficient in managing, reporting, and tracking projects at any level.

Can you describe security features incorporated in your product?
The user is forced to log into the home page of the application to begin a session. Every page is encoded with a quick read to see if the user is active. If there is an inactive period or the user is trying to access any page of the application without logging in - the system will clear their session and redirect them to the home page to login. No sensitive information is stored in the cookies on the machine.

Application Security: There are (by default) 5 levels of application security built into the system. These levels can be individually granted read, update, add, and delete access to any page of the application - very simply and easily.

Level 1: Executive (Default: Initiate projects or programs, read data)
Level 2: Project Team Member (Default: Read data, Read/Edit sub-project information such as issues, changes, risks, milestones, etc.)
Level 3: Project Manager (Default: Read/Edit/Add issues, risks, milestones, etc)
Level 4: Program Manager / Super User (Default: Read/Write/Update/Delete records. No access to maintenance area or user accounts)

Administrator: Administrator (Default: Read/Write/Update/Delete records. Full access to maintenance area, create user accounts, reset passwords, and expire user accounts)

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